News Top concerns for CTOs and CIOs in 2019

Top concerns for CTOs and CIOs in 2019

Following a fascinating year for the development of technology, and with Brexit continually making significant developments, it’s vital that CTOs and CIOs establish a list of priorities for 2019.

We have compiled a list of what we believe to be the absolute top concerns for CIOs and CTOs in 2019.


1. Growth


Just as in 2018, the year before that, and the year before that, growth will continue to be a key performance indicator for any CIO or CTO in 2019.

The focus is no longer on cost reduction, it’s about maximising every output to boost progression. The thing about growth is that it’s often the result of other things; so if you are experiencing substantial growth it’s because you’re ‘checking’ other boxes. Growth is a sure-fire sign of success, so it will always be high up on the list.


2. Digital transformation


Also identified as business transformation, digital transformation will continue to be integral in 2019.

The thing about digital transformation is how it entails a never-ending set of requirements. Because it’s focus is to improve customer experience and processes, it will never sit still. In just the last 10 years, the way people shop and buy services has shifted dramatically, and this change is bound to happen exponentially.

It’s no longer a case of keeping your ears to the ground and following a change; it’s about anticipating a change and implementing a new structure or process before any new adaptation occurs.


3. Harnessing emerging technology


Finger on the pulse. CTOs and CIOs need to have their ears to the ground and listening out for any development, or any change in their technology. As far as leadership goes, culture and identity will often filter from the top down, so it’s essential for C-level professionals to set an example and a pace for this.

If CIOs or CTOs don’t have their ‘finger on the pulse’ of emerging technologies, then how do they expect their talent to?


4. Prioritisation


Technology changes continuously. One minute, an emerging technology is the way forward and the next second it’s old news.

Being a CIO is about prioritisation more than ever. It’s about driving consumer engagement, product management and technology. Consumer demands are driving business change. We are now singing to the tune of the end-user and customer more than ever and CIOs and CTOs need to be adaptable but also empathetic to truly understand their clients’ needs.


5. Machine Learning


AI is a commonly used term but in reality, it’s a buzzword. The real focus and theme will be on machine learning in 2019.

Machine learning has a collective of benefits for businesses; carefully crafted algorithms could predict pitfalls before they happen and allow for smoother processes. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”.

Data is an incredibly powerful tool, and it’s common for data to follow a pattern or rhythm so if CTOs and CIOs can harness machine learning in 2019, they will be onto a winner.

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6. Blockchain


Although it’s unclear how developed blockchain will be in 2019, it will certainly be on the cusp of something incredible.

The potential blockchain has within the procurement and retail sector is incredible, but it certainly has the power to impact many other industries.

No longer does blockchain have the core purpose of managing cryptocurrency, it has massive potential to disrupt and innovative.