News Is nearshore development the answer for under pressure educational software executives?

Is nearshore development the answer for under pressure educational software executives?

You’re probably familiar with offshoring – aka farshoring. I expect your inbox is filled on a weekly basis with offers to take care of your development needs on the other side of the world at a super low cost. But for many the reality is poor quality, inconvenience, reliability issues and cultural differences including language and time zones.

Well, if you have had your fingers burned with offshoring, or are experiencing the usual problems of trying to source talented UK-based developers, there is a third way – nearshoring.


What is nearshoring in education sector?

Nearshoring is when you outsource work to a team of developers based in nearby countries - usually a few hours away door to door.

Savvy UK software houses in the education sector with constant deadline pressure are turning to nearshore outsourcing. It provides them access to an extended team of highly skilled professionals close at hand who can help them overcome their challenges.

What advantages does nearshore outsourcing hold over offshore?

Everyone knows the driving force for using offshore developers is cheap labour. However, when it comes to developing your robust educational platform, cheap will be no good if your product is not reliable and nimble.

Nearshoring may not be as cheap as offshoring, but it is good value. And it is significantly more reliable. With far shorter travel times, only minor time zone differences, fewer language barriers and better cultural alignment, it makes for a better, more collaborative experience all round. You can even jump on a flight and be with your development team within a few hours or vice versa!

What advantages does nearshore outsourcing hold over UK-based developers?

You’re sure to have experienced the difficulty of sourcing UK developers. In short, there is a skills shortage. It’s hard to find the right people and sometimes even harder to keep them. If you go down the recruiter route it is always expensive and often transactional in nature. Nearshore outsourcing provides ready access to skilled and experienced software developers.

Go nearshore with Amdaris

Outsourcing is becoming an important driver to business everywhere. According to IT industry sources in 2014, £88bn was spent on outsourcing services in the UK. So, if you are looking to speed-up your software development process while keeping a handle on cost, we can help with a nearshoring solution.

Amdaris is a reliable nearshore outsourcing provider that can supply you with an extended team to help you complete your project. Some of the UK’s leading educational software developers already use us with great satisfaction. You can read about those here And as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are recognised as one of Europe’s premier software development companies.

Our HQ is in the UK in Bristol, whilst our nearshore development centres are in Romania and Moldova. This means that our clients benefit from working with a UK-based management team, whilst development takes place in Eastern Europe.

Operational excellence, governance and quality underpin everything we do. So that’s why our English-speaking teams in Romania and Moldova are driven to provide innovative, end-to-end solutions and a high-quality service.

Want to find out more? Let’s talk.

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