News 6 tips to help select a nearshore outsourcing software company

6 tips to help select a nearshore outsourcing software company

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to how to find a software development company which provides nearshore outsourcing.

Amdaris project kick-off meetingSelecting the right nearshore software development company will solve your software development resource issues and your technical challenges.

In order to do this you need to consider a few key factors at the procurement stage, to ensure you get the right partner for your company and your deployment.

The free checklist only takes a few minutes to read, and the information will help you get the best results from your nearshore outsourcing partner.

This checklist provides key guidelines to consider at the procurement stage to ensure you find the right outsourcing software development company and make sure your software will achieve your goals. The right nearshore or off shore company will help you get the best return on your investment.

1. Quality standards of the outsourcing company

There are lots of software developers that can write high-quality code. That doesn’t mean that they can deliver an enterprise project successfully. To achieve the right outcome, you need to find a software development company with quality standards and structures that facilitate efficient progress. Accreditations are important indicators, but you see the real benefit to your business when the quality structures have true synergy with your own. Is their quality management system ISO 27001, 9001 certified? Does their service delivery conform to ITIL principles? A lot of software development outsourcing companies ignore these standards and only provide body shop resources.

2. Governance structure

When a nearshore outsourcing company is operating in accordance with ITIL, ISO or other principles is a sign of best practice, but it’s worth going one step further to see if their governance structure mirrors yours. Look at elements such as the approach to risk registers, issue logging, stakeholder management and independent testing. Also ask about transparency and reporting, and the degree of control your team will have over the process. The greater the alignment between your business and the partner, the more efficient the development process will be.


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3. Flexibility of nearshore outsourcing

Every software development project comes with its own challenges. However, the better the architecture, the easier it is to overcome these challenges. Accounting for non-functional requirements – such as performance, scalability, security and data migration – at the outset makes for a more cost-effective and efficient development process. Can your outsourcing partner adapt to change effectively? Do the nearshore or offshore software development companies excel at adopting different working practices? How experienced are they at applying the agile approach to software development?

4. Breadth and depth of experience

Amdaris Microsoft certified developers Having a collective knowledge pool at your disposal leads to substantial productivity gains, particularly in a software development context. This is because, when a query arises, developers can go straight to the person who knows the most efficient shortcut. Look for experience in all the relevant technology areas, such PHP, Java and .NET, with accreditations to back it up, for example Microsoft Gold Partner status.

5. Day-to-day working practices

There are several strategic factors you should consider at the outset to ensure the partner will work productively with your team. To what extent do their developers integrate with yours? Will the developers be analytical and solution-focused rather than simply delivering what’s asked of them, regardless of the implications? How many hours will they dedicate to your project? Can your team wait a working day to discuss problems? If you choose an offshore developer a 5 to 7-hour time difference means you’re likely to face that length of delay on a regular basis. Asking yourself these types of questions beforehand can make a significant difference when it comes to getting your project delivered on time and budget.

6. Price of the nearshore software development

To put it simply, when you outsource correctly you should receive the best quality service at the right price. Many consultants and contractors come with an expensive day rate without offering full breadth of value. The right partner will have the structure, expertise and knowledge pool to deliver the outcome you’re looking for, and because of their cost base will be able to do so at a fraction of the price. Spending less on your software development will also free up your budget, so you’ll receive a high-quality software service without having to compromise on key projects or other aspects of your business.