In Team Foundation Server it is useful to create implementation work items. Usually they are either tasks or stories. In our particular case we wanted to remove the “task” and leave just the “User story” option in the work item type drop down. See the image below.

To do this, first we need to install TFS Power Tools. Then you open VS 2010 and connect to you TFS server.
In the main menu go to:
1. Tools->Process Editor->Work Item Types->Open Wit from Server.
2. Open the desired WIT, in our case it was a use story.
3. Go to LayOut tab.
4. On the left hand side click on “Tab Page – Implementation”
5. On the right hand side click on LinksControlOptionTypes
6. You will see a list of all linked work items like this User Stories; Tasks
7. Remove or add more Work items types.
8. Save the changes and wait unit VS uploads on the server.
9. Logout form TFS and log back.